Top 5 frameworks to learn in 2021

1. React

JavaScript is the most popular frontend language, which for years keeps a stable position on the market. Equally stable can be the framework of this language, that is, ReactJS (also known as React.js or React). It is the second most popular web framework worldwide — which is indicated by both Stack Overflow and HackerRank reports. It is used and supported by large and well-known companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, or Reddit. Moreover, 32% of developers surveyed by HackerRank say it’s the framework they’re learning next, putting him at the top of this ranking.

Why is it so popular, and developers want to learn it? First of all, it was established by Facebook, which still uses and maintains it. It also has a lot of obvious advantages, such as:

So, the above benefits and data from the reports confirm that learning this framework will not waste time for you.

2. AngularJS

The second-place also belongs to the JavaScript framework. According to the HackerRank report , AngularJS has been the most widely known framework for three recent years. Moreover, according to the same source, as many as 27.6% of the programmers surveyed said they plan to learn it next, putting it in second place in this list. Finally, it is the 5th most wanted web framework among software developers surveyed by Stack Overflow.

Summing up, AngularJS is still very popular, has a vast community, and Google still supports it, so we are sure that this framework will be the right choice to learn in 2021.

3. Vue.js

The third-place also belongs to the JavaScript framework. Vue.JS is used to create simple single-page applications and dynamic UI. It is one of the fastest-growing frameworks. Since the first HackerRank’s Survey, Vue.js, rises one spot per year since 2018. Moreover, according to the same report, as many as 23.6% of software developers say they wanted to learn Vue.js. But it’s not over. Data from the Stack Overflow report shows that it is also the second most wanted and third most loved framework.

Developers love Vue.js because of component reusability, code readability, stable tooling ecosystem, integration capabilities, flexibility, and many more. It is used by many well-known companies such as Gitlab, Behance, Grammarly, 9GAG, so we are sure that it will be another right choice to learn in 2021.

4. Ruby on Rails

The fourth-place belongs to Ruby on Rails — an MVC framework written in Ruby. It is considered a beginner-friendly framework because it helps them to begin web application development rapidly. Ruby on Rails offers many useful tools, databases, and libraries that save a lot of time. It is helpful for:

  • building cloud-based web apps
  • programming social networking websites
  • and many more web platforms.

Like the frameworks mentioned above, it is used and maintained by well-known technology brands, such as Airbnb, GitHub, or Shopify.

Still not sure if it is worth learning this framework? So, in the HackerRank report, Ruby on Rails was linked to the third-highest average salaries. Software Developers who know this framework earn 30% more than the global average.

5. Flutter

The last place in our ranking is taken by the framework, which has seen the amazing growth in the previous year, gaining 98.9K Github stars in the 18 months since its 1.0 release. Moreover, it is placed among the top 20 most active repositories on this platform.

Flutter is a relatively young open-source UI framework released by Google in 2017. In short, it allows creating natively compiled web, mobile, and desktop apps with only one codebase.

It is a perfect choice for startup’s MVP because it allows for cheap mobile application development. You don’t have to create and maintain two separate mobile apps (for iOS and Android), because this framework allows you to use one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps.

According to Stack Overflow, Flutter is the third most loved and the fourth most wanted framework among software developers. Who knows, maybe when you discover his possibilities, you will love it too?

Originally published at on January 19, 2021.



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