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10 startups that own their success to Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, described as an excellent platform for developers, has earned recognition in the IT world through years of testing in battle. From the very beginning, as soon as it was introduced to the market, it has been utilized by many companies that have become the fastest-growing and largest startups in the world. Let’s check why successful startups choose Ruby on Rails web development and how it helped them thrive.

Ruby on Rails is utilized especially in startups that develop a new product. Agile software and the ease and speed of creating Ruby on Rails apps allow you to shorten the time necessary to introduce a new product to the market. As a result, startups can develop and grow much faster. Although there are rumors that Ruby on Rails is already dead, large corporations and small startups alike are eager to use this framework. So, despite rumors, we can observe a constant Ruby on Rails application development. According to SimilarTech, almost 374,000 websites and over 205,000 unique domains utilize this technology. And that’s a good thing!

To prove our point, we are going to show you 10 globally renowned companies that willingly use this framework in their projects:






Yellow Pages


Again, this does not indicate that RoR is insufficient. That migration happened because the company’ needs have changed. The Groupon team decided to build a single platform to cater web and mobile users and build an API layer on top of each of backend software platforms. They’ve rebuilt each section of the website as separate Node.js applications.
That solution matched their needs and circumstances at that time.



We Heart It

These examples really speak for themselves. Using the Ruby on Rail framework is a quick and efficient way to turn your web development ideas into reality. As you can see, RoR can be utilized in many industries and for large web development projects.

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